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Tax Certificate Consultants Inc., LLC., has invested and managed over $275 million over the past fifteen years. Tax Certificate Consultants, Inc. provides a variety of services to a tax lien investor including due diligence, investing, servicing, legal and property disposition services. The goal of Tax Certificate Consultants, Inc. is to identify, acquire, and manage a portfolio designed to meet each investor’s needs in the most cost effective and efficient manner while maintaining superior returns for its investors. The investment strategy is tailored to the goals of our clients.

Customized Portfolios

Tax Certificate Consultants provides all services to properly manage tax lien certificate portfolios. Based on client financial goals, we offer individual profiles tailored to achieve the investor's demands. Liens can be procured with a focus on regional, commercial, or residential properties, depending on investor preference.

We can accommodate large volume institutional clients who are looking for the opportunity to enhance the performance of their fixed income portfolio. Besides solid returns, tax lien certificates offer a high measure of security because they are backed by underlying real property. We at Tax Certificate Consultants put our in-depth knowledge of the tax lien industry to work to achieve above average returns with safety.

TCC is a client focused investment service with a strong commitment to customer needs. Our trained staff of investment specialists closely monitor your portfolio to obtain optimal performance. Those results are reported in a format consistent with the unique requirements of each client.

Our goal at TCC is to identify, procure, and manage a preferred tax lien certificate portfolio designed to meet each investor's needs in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.

Competitive Edge

Tax Certificate Consultants is a full service organization. We provide all research, acquisition, compliance, legal, and management services. Our areas of expertise have fueled our growth and high returns.

Due Diligence
Using powerful analytic techniques, we determine the potential yield on each lien prior to purchase, selecting only the liens that meet investor criteria. We can focus on the rate of return, geographic area of the properties, or on residential versus commercial real estate. Each property receives a physical site examination to eliminate high risk liens.
Customized Reports
After acquisition, our experienced staff provides customized reporting to fulfill each investor's needs.
With our knowledgeable in-house legal staff, we ensure compliance with all state, county, and municipal regulatory processes. We provide all necessary filing, registration and recording services.
Our sophisticated collection procedures allow us to quickly ascertain interested parties to insure high redemption rates. Our direct contact with mortgage holders results in timely and cost effective collections.
Our legal staff handles all third party actions, bankruptcies and foreclosures.
Property Management
In the event of foreclosure, we service properties with leasing, maintenance, and resale services.